Meet Caitlin

Meet CaitlinCaitlin was trained by a classical virtuoso for ten years. During this time she learned the importance of reading music well, practicing often, and playing with confidence. Caitlin quickly recognized that her musical studies were helping in all aspects of her life, both academically and socially. Giving occasional lessons to friends and family blossomed into a passion to lead others to succeed at playing the instrument she fell in love with as a girl.

Though teaching started as a side project, it was always front and center in Caitlin’s mind. In 2017 she founded Piano Lessons by Caitlin and has since assembled an adoring group of students; a group that is continually expanding.

She has collaborated with fellow teachers to prepare for large shows at which hundreds of students perform. Caitlin finds most joy from not just playing the piano, but from showing others that they can too!