“My oldest is finally to the point where her songs sound beautiful as I cook dinner in the kitchen. She is able to play elaborate pieces. When she practices I always want her to turn the volume up. It’s rare when you want your kids to be louder.”

“Being able to sit down and play a song, even 30 years from now, is an asset. Chances are you won’t be playing soccer at 35, but music can truly be forever.”

— Amber T.


“My biggest takeaway is that piano lessons are a “team sport.” It takes parental involvement and encouragement to ensure that kids practice and are encouraged. It’s important to have a good relationship with a music teacher….Caitlin is a great teacher, She shows great warmth and patience when working with our son. And he really enjoys his lessons.”

— Rachel F.


“She’s only been taking lessons a little over 3 months and I love the responsibility she is gaining (something other than homework) and the pride I see in her face when she practices and plays well.”

— Nikki S.